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It's Autumn!
The reddish brown colors of this zircon are like the colors of autumn.
Cushion Cut
This zircon’s style of cut is called a “cushion cut” to show off its color and sparkle.
Pyramid Shapes
Zircon crystals are often four sided with pyramid shapes on top.
Zircon is brilliant. It flashes multiple colors of light called fire. Its sparkle and flashes are diamond-like, so for centuries, there was a lot of confusion between the two gems. Zircon comes in blue, green, and autumn colors such as cinnamon, sherry, yellow, orange, and red. There are also colorless zircons and cat’s-eye zircons.
IMG - Gem Factoid Color - Blue IMG - Gem Factoid Color - Green IMG - Gem Factoid Color - Brown IMG - Gem Factoid Color - Yellow IMG - Gem Factoid Color - Orange IMG - Gem Factoid Color - Red IMG - Gem Factoid Color - Colorless
You can find many colors of zircon—blue, green, brown, yellow, orange, and red. The colorless zircon is one of the most brilliant non-diamond gems!



Zircon found in Australia is the oldest mineral on earth: It is 4.4 billion years old!
Famous Zircon
IMG - Zircon Factoid 41312 200x200
Besides blue, zircon comes in several natural colors. These zircons from Sri Lanka are “untreated,” which means no heat was used to bring out their colors. - Alan Jobbins
what's in a name?
(noun) Zircon is possibly from zarkun, the Arabic word for “cinnabar,” a reddish-colored mineral. Or it could be from the Persian word zargun, meaning “gold-colored.”

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