Fancy Color or Not?
Clear diamonds do not have much yellow, if any. If a lot of yellow is present like in this diamond, however, then it is called a fancy color.
So Radiant!
The way this diamond is cut makes the color really stand out. It is called a radiant cut.
Uneven Color
Sometimes the color in rough diamond might not be even. For example, it might be stronger in some areas and very light in others.
Fancy color diamonds come in almost any color you can imagine! They are the most valuable gems of all, because they are so hard to find. Many fancy color diamonds are yellow or brown. They also come in red, green, purple, orange, pink, blue, black, gray, and fancy white.
Fancy color diamonds come in many colors: yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, red, purple, black, and white!


Years Ago

In India, people owned colored diamonds according to class. For example, priests could have white diamonds and warriors could have brown ones. Kings could have any color!
Famous Fancy Color Diamond
Since 1668, the Hope Diamond has made history through its owners. Once owned by kings, jewelry collectors, and an American heiress, it is now at the Smithsonian Institution.
what's in a name?
(noun) Diamond comes from the Greek word adamas which means “invincible.”  For being the hardest material on earth, that is the perfect name for this gem!

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