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Pencil Point
If you could really write with it, this crystal would be the nicest looking pencil. The flat surfaces on the top make it look like a pencil tip.
Mineral Measurement
This aquamarine is from the country of Pakistan. It is 3 centimeters (cm) wide, 3 cm deep, and 7 cm long, just about the size of a glue stick.
High Clarity
The best aquamarines have high clarity.
Aquamarine is a variety of the mineral beryl that can be blue or greenish-blue. It can grow as a beautiful six-sided crystal. These crystals can be tiny or very large. Some are even up to 100 pounds! Its name comes from “aqua,” which means water and “marine,” which means sea.
IMG - Gem Factoid Color - Blue
From blue to a little greenish blue, aquamarine is a gem to behold!
Famous Aquamarine
IMG - Aquamarine Factoid 142984 200x200
England’s Queen Elizabeth received an aquamarine as a gift from the president and people of Brazil. She had a tiara made for it.
Anwar Hussein/WireImage
In ancient times, sailors used to wear amulets of aquamarine for protection at sea. The amulets were engraved with Poseidon or Neptune, the gods of the sea. 
what's in a name?
(noun) Aquamarine comes from two Latin words: aqua for water and mare  for sea. Therefore, it means seawater.

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