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Trapped in Time
This piece holds many insects, including a mosquito.
Cricket Inclusion
This amber has an inclusion of a cricket in perfect shape!
The most common way to polish amber is into a shape that is like the original rough shape. This is called a free-form cabochon.
Amber is an organic gem. Organic gems come from living or once-living things. Amber formed millions of years ago, when sap from trees hardened and fossilized. Plants and animals were often trapped in this sap. Scientists like to study amber because the gems tell stories of the environment from long ago. Amber is also made into jewelry.
IMG - Gem Factoid Color - Yellow IMG - Gem Factoid Color - Orange IMG - Gem Factoid Color - Brown IMG - Gem Factoid Color - Red IMG - Gem Factoid Color - Green
Like a pretty sunset, amber can be orange or golden brown. Like the colors of spring and summer, it is sometimes yellow or green.


Amber Room

Around 300 years ago, the King of Prussia gave Russia’s Peter the Great a gift which was the Amber Room. The walls were made of six tons of amber!
The Greeks saw amber as sun rays that became hard. Amber was sacred to the sun god Apollo.
what's in a name?
(noun) The ancient Greek word for amber was "elektron," which means “made by the sun.” Rubbing amber causes an electrical charge and elektron is where the word “electricity” comes from.

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