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How Big?
This fine crystal is about the size of a small stick of gum. Peridot crystals are rare. Miners usually find them in nodules, or roundish rocks.
This is a very rich yellowish-green crystal. Peridot contains iron, which gives the stone its color.
This peridot is extremely clear. No inclusions can be seen with just the eyes.
Famous for its color, peridot can be brownish-green to yellowish-green to greenish-yellow to pure green. Pure green stones are rare.  Most peridots are formed deep inside the earth and are brought to the surface by volcanoes. And did you know some peridots came to earth in meteorites? Peridot from outer space is really rare, however. 
IMG - Gem Factoid Color - Green IMG - Gem Factoid Color - Brown IMG - Gem Factoid Color - Yellow
Yellow-green to brownish green, peridot is like spring that lasts forever.
Famous Peridot
IMG - Peridot Factoid 142997 200x200
Some peridot comes from outer space! This is an actual slice of meteorite with peridot crystals. It was found in Argentina in 1951.
Ancient Egyptians mined peridot on an island in the Red Sea. Legend has it that the island was full of snakes, making it hard to mine. A pharaoh drove the snakes into the sea.
what's in a name?
(noun) This gem’s name comes from the Arabic word faridat, which means “gem.”

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