Shimmer of Light
Even in its rough form, moonstone’s shimmer of light is amazing.
The Cut
Usually a moonstone is cut into a cabochon, or dome-like shape. This shows off its beautiful adularescence.
Color and Clarity
Fine moonstone is colorless and clear, or a little clear (transparent or semi-transparent).
Moonstone is a mixture of two feldspar minerals that are layered inside the stone. When light falls between these layers, it scatters in many directions. This causes the phenomenon called adularescence. This is a light that seems to move across a gemstone. It really glows! The finest moonstone is colorless with a blue sheen.
A billowy blue sheen makes any color of moonstone popular. The colors are white, gray, green, peach, brown, and colorless.
Famous Moonstone
Cracks inside a moonstone look like centipedes! As a gemologist, you would call these inclusions.
In Hindu legend, moonstone is made of solid moonbeams. Other legends say that it brings good luck. Some people believed you could see the future by holding moonstone in your mouth during a full moon.
what's in a name?
(noun) Moonstone gets its name from its moon-like features. Many cultures link this gem with moonlight.

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