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This tanzanite is a strong blue with flashes of violet as you move it in different directions.
Pure Blue
Tanzanite’s best color is a pure blue, similar to fine sapphire.
Some of the host rock, or matrix, can be seen on this tanzanite crystal.
A few decades ago, a beautiful blue gemstone was discovered in the African country of Tanzania. The stone, named after the country where it was found, is called tanzanite. It can be a clear blue, violet-blue, or bluish purple. The richer the color of the tanzanite, the more valuable it is. Pure blue or rich violet blue stones are the most valuable tanzanites. Tanzanite is also pleochroic.
IMG - Gem Factoid Color - Blue IMG - Gem Factoid Color - Purple
Tanzanite is found in the colors of blue to violet or purple.



In 1967, a Tanzanian tribesman came across a cluster of very clear and very blue crystals. The gem would soon be called tanzanite.
Famous Tanzanite
IMG - Tanzanite Factoid 143052 200x200
No, this is not a spaceman. It’s tanzanite and it is pleochroic. See how this gem is blue, but the reflection shows purple! - Photo courtesy Chip Clark, Smithsonian Institution
what's in a name?
(noun) Tanzanite was named after the only country where it’s found – Tanzania.

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