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Rings have been worn for thousands of years, and they are expressive. People use them to signify love and loyalty, promise and hope, riches and luxury, as well as individuality and status.

Did you know that some women in ancient Rome were given two identical rings – one made of gold and one of iron? The gold one was to be worn in public, and the iron one was to be worn at home.
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Perhaps the most symbolic of jewelry, rings can represent many things: from love to loyalty to power to riches to school pride…and more. They are beautiful and meaningful.
Early Use


Years Ago

The ancient Egyptians designed rings with swiveling bevels: one side of the bevel could be carved with an amulet while the flip side might be engraved as a signet ring.
Legend has it that King Solomon possessed a ring so powerful that he could control the winds, ride magic carpets, and even summon or banish genies with it! It was made of brass and iron, was set with jewels, and was said to give King Solomon heavenly powers.
what's in a name?
(noun) This word has been used for hundreds of years to mean a small circlet or circular band. In Old English and other old Germanic languages, it was called a hring.

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