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“Crown jewels” is a term that refers to all the jeweled finery owned by royalty. It includes their crowns, but it can also consist of royal robes, scepters, and jewelry collections. Some regal items are only worn at special ceremonies and others are used any time they wish to dress up.

When many people refer to the “Crown Jewels,” they are often talking specifically about the British crown jewels.
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Many items belong in a country’s crown jewels: from scepters and orbs to robes and mantles, from gems and jewels to actual crowns. Royal regalia are rich in history and value.


Years Ago

Since antiquity, royals have worn special headdresses. Across thousands of years, the styles have changed. Today’s crown is made to suit the specific royal who wears it.
Famous Crown Jewels
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The Green Diamond of Dresden, at 41-carats, is the largest natural green diamond. Royals have worn it in a shoulder-knot and a hat clasp. If you had it, how would you wear it?
-Photo by Shane F. McClure/GIA
what's in a name?
Crown Jewel
[kroun joo-uhl]
(noun) Crown today has many meanings – it’s not just a term for a royal headdress. It can also refer to the monarchy (the whole royal family) or be the highest award in sports.

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