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Carved Bones
Human Bone and Conus Shell Earrings, 19th Century Polynesia
Wondrously weird, these memorial jewels are made especially for burials…or are created from body parts like hair, teeth, and bones…or are worn by relatives of the dead in remembrance of them.

For example, in Victorian England after 1861, it was customary for widows to wear “mourning jewelry” for one to two years – this was the decreed timeframe in which they were to mourn their dead husbands.
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Since time immemorial, people have memorialized both the living and the dead through macabre and morbid mementos…and this has often been done with the use of jewelry.


Years Ago

Did you know that the world’s oldest gold jewelry was found in a graveyard? Even more interesting – much of it was found in graves with no bodies. The gold was buried alone.
Queen Victoria was very sentimental. She dearly loved her 9 children, and she created jewelry from their baby teeth - she had brooches, earrings, and even a bracelet made.
what's in a name?
(noun) ‘Memorial’ comes from Latin and old French, and it relates to the word “memory.” It means to remember something or someone. At funerals, there is often a memorial service.

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