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Exquisite and elegant, earrings can add sparkle and shine to their wearers. Drops and hoops are still as common today as they were centuries ago…with ear wraps aiming to make an ultra-modern fashion statement.
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From small hoops to cascading chandeliers, people have historically dressed their ears to show their status and to beautify themselves…and sometimes even to prevent illness.
Early Use


Years Ago

From the earliest known Eneolithic (Copper Age) European priest-kings to Bronze Age Sumerian queens, gold hoop earrings were worn as status symbols as well as decorations.
Cleopatra’s famed pearl earrings were worth tens of millions of sesterces in her day (that’s a lot of money!). Legend has it that in order to impress her suitor Marc Anthony, Cleopatra bet him that she could serve him the most expensive meal ever. He took her bet but then quickly lost – it’s likely that he had not expected her pearl earrings to be on the menu!
what's in a name?
[eer-ring ]
(noun) Did you know that some ancient people believed pierced ears would help with their eyesight? Others thought amulet earrings would keep evil spirits from entering their ears.

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