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Some cultures believe certain jewelry possesses magical powers. Amulets are worn as protection from harm, whereas other charms may be created to offer the wearer superhuman abilities or wisdom. Most are thought to bring good fortune.

A talisman, like an amulet, is a lucky charm. However, a talisman is created specifically to aid its wearer with special magical powers or protection.
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Want protection from ghosts, fevers, witches, stomach aches, snakes, or giant wasps? As luck has it, amulets can help. Read more about their special powers.
Early Use


Years Ago

Amulets were worn on jewelry, clothing, or attached to the body for protection. Carved into the shape of gods, animals, insects, or plants, each had its own special purpose.
King Tut’s Heart Scarab was shaped like a beetle and was among his most important amulets. Following the Book of the Dead rules, it was set in gold for full effectiveness.
what's in a name?
[am-yuh-lit ]
(noun) Originally a Latin word meaning a “thing worn as a charm against spells and disease,” it’s not seen in English until around the 17th century.

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