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From super short to extremely long, and made from any material imaginable, necklaces are often the most dramatic statement pieces in jewelry collections.

"Dog Collar" is the nickname given to a tight-fitting choker that stands tall against a lady's neck. Dog collars were popular in the early 1900's, during a time in history known as both the Edwardian era and the Belle Époque (the "Beautiful Era").
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When dressing up, should you wear a dog collar or a rope? Maybe a torc is more to your liking? Look here to see what style might suit you best.


Years Ago

Shell beads dating to the Middle Stone Age have been found. From their matched colors and drilled holes, it is believed that they were strung together and worn as decoration.
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Liz Taylor wears the La Peregrina pearl, whose name means Wanderer. In its 500-year history, the pearl has traveled many countries, adorned royals, and has even freed a slave.
-Photo © GIA and Fred Ward
what's in a name?
(noun) The word necklace originates from the idea of lacing a cord or string around one’s neck. The Old French term for lace was also a word for noose or snare.

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