Lesson: Birthstones

Use these lesson materials to lead an entertaining presentation that lets children delve into the world of birthstones.

AGE: 9 and up

TIME: 15-30 minutes

GIA makes learning the facts behind each birthstone fun! Everyone will be awed by this engaging presentation, which includes beautiful photos of each gem. Children will love learning about the gemstone mining locations as well as the rich colors and history of their birthstones.
The downloadable lesson materials include the following:
  • Presentation* (PowerPoint) – a slideshow containing wonderful images and informational text
  • Notes (pdf) – the notes to use with the presentation; notes appear under an image of each slide for ease of following the presentation
  • Material List (pdf) – a list of gems to have handy for a hands-on activity
* The presentation may take a few minutes to download.

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