Curriculum: GemKids for Schools – Educator Guide

AGE: 3rd to 5th Graders

TIME: 4 lessons, approx. 60 minutes each

This standards-based curriculum uses the study of gems to illuminate the big-picture connections between nature, human industry, arts, and culture. The 54-page Guide provides teachers with hands-on and inquiry based activity suggestions, pacing recommendations, assessments, and even culminating project ideas.

Lesson: Girl Scouts of the USA Junior Jeweler Badge Series

AGE: 9 and up

TIME: 15-30 minutes

GIA has designed a program to help Girl Scouts earn their Junior Jeweler Badge as part of the "Get Moving!" Badge set. This lesson guides Girl Scouts through the study of jewelry throughout history and from different cultures. The girls design and create their own wearable jewelry.

Lesson: Boy Scouts of America Geology Series

AGE: 8 to 11

TIME: 30-45 minutes

GIA has designed a program to help Boy Scouts earn their Belt Loop, Pin, and Activity Badge in Geology. Boy Scouts are guided through the exploration of geology and mineralogy, where they learn about the materials that make up the planet Earth. Counselors and parents can create an even more engaging lesson through optional activities available from GIA.

Lesson: Birthstones

AGE: 9 and up

TIME: 15-30 minutes

GIA offers children a fun way to supplement earth science lessons while they learn the fun facts behind each birthstone via this colorful presentation on gemstones.

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